Modeloperations is a hobby weblog which deals with wargames, boardgames, modeling, painting and 3D-printing, that usually all have one thing in common: models and miniatures.

Playing games was a favourite leisure activity for me since I was able to cast a die and hold cards in my hands. Later, with a friend, we pushed around plastic soldiers and tanks on the floor. Unfortunately, we never knew about any rules then. During the early 80s I became a member of the generation „Commodore 64“ and later a fanatic „pen-and-paper“ roleplaying gamer. Thanks to fellow-fanatics I came into contact with other genres of games I hadn’t heard about until then, like strategic boardgames and tabletop games. As I also did scale-modeling and building model-train landscapes when I was younger, it was only logical that I fell in love with Rogue Trader the moment I saw the minis in scenery. However, it took another ten years to realize that there are other great tabletop games. And the number of fascinating board games is growing steadily.

My fascination for all kind of games made me a wanderer between genres but my favourite aspect of the hobby was always the miniatures, models and scenery. In recent times, the hobby got a new twist with the arrival of 3D-printing which became affordable for private users. Due to my job I started to work with 3D-printers and -printing and also started to use it for the hobby, especially for scenery and terrain pieces.

This blog deals with all of these aspects of the hobby.

Welcome to modeloperations