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The best game ever!!!(?)

The best game ever!!!(?)

Well, some people call Heroquest like that. Surely in one or the other way it is the role model for all modern dungeon crawler boardgames and the nostalgia around it can not be denied. A gamer’s expertise would somehow be incomplete if you had never played it at least once. Nevertheless, I think, you don’t have to like it! But it’s cult!

This 1ed. box was another gift from a fellow gamer. Intended as a Christmas present, it went on its own quest. Delivery services were so busy in December that the service person put a wrong name on the delivery card (We weren’t home that moment.) and that simple mistake made it impossible to retrieve the parcel from the post office. So it went back to sender, was resend and, finally, weeks after Christmas arrived safely at my place. That taught me a lesson about Heroquest: You may not love it but you don’t want to lose it!

Dating back from 1989 it is in great condition. Nearly nothing is broken and what is, can easily be repaired. Even the furniture is complete with all the small parts, mice and skulls, that are much sought after on Ebay, I was told. With it came the add-on Karak Varn with some of the figures still on sprue. This box was long forgotten in a barn full of many good games, the story goes on, only to be found by a true believer in the best game ever!

Now, what to do with this rediscoverd treasure? Certainly it is going to be painted one day though that might be in the far or very far future. The other plan is to play it via internet as my benefactor and me are far away from each other and meet only rarely nowadays. The machinations of the game make it easy to play it via camera and microphone. Time will come!

Dude, where’s my mini?

Dude, where’s my mini?

As of today, I’m an active contributor to the Lost Minis Wiki. For a reason I do not remember I stumbled across this site a few day ago and immediately fell in love with it. At the beginning it was great fun to look at old minis I wanted to have as a youth but could never afford in the early days. Nevertheless, at certain points, I realized I own some stuff that is not pictured or even listed on LMW. So I wrote to the admin this week that I wanted to contribute and got my login details within a day. Originally I had only planned to upload some pictures but then I spent this whole afternoon and early evening on creating a complete new page. And this is the result:

I was quiet surprised not to find this 33-years old legendary box there on LMW although there are thousands of minis from over a 1000 manufacturers listed. But, I guess, metal minis last much longer and most of the plastics went down the garbage chute in the past decades. So, probably, nobody really posseses a representable example to show on a wiki anymore.

I never did a wiki page before and I had to spend some hours before (almost!) everything was fine. Luckily, the admins left some useful tutorials for editing pictures and the the code could easily be adopted (copied and edited!) from other contributors. Nevertheless, it took me some time to figure it out how it all works.

These old Space Orks weren’t always mine. Again, a certain old gaming mate gave them to me about a year ago after resting for more than 20 years in his place. And it is complete! No piece is missing or broken. These unharmed sprues are likely to become an Ork warband for a scifi skirmish game. I had planned to write a blog entry about this box before but only today was the day and here are the pics:

36 minis in a box! And we did not even pay (what is now!) 15€ for these boxes, may it be Orks, Imps or Squats. While writing these lines, a box of 11 Ork boyz is 35€! Ok, agreed, a lot has changed since then. Nevertheless, let see what we can make of them!

One post a week

One post a week

Only one post! Shouldn’t be too much as there is much going on on the hobby front. Today I got these two wonderful boxes from an old gaming mate full of gaming memories. This is stuff from our earliest tabeltopping days with some surprises I didn’t know about.

The Titans are the ones I missed earlier in the Adeptus Titanicus unboxing. The metals came as a real surprise to me, including the Ratling sniper. I always wanted to have one! The first-edition Imps are the first tabletop army I battled against with my old Squats who still rest in boxes upstairs. Maybe there is some new battle ahead in the future.

2020 Old year’s clean up

2020 Old year’s clean up

The last few weeks I managed to finish four units of 40k minis, 34 figures as a whole. That was only possible due to the extensive use of Citadel Contrast paints. Otherwise that would have taken me years!

These 12 Hormagaunts are my first Tyranids ever and were completely done with Contrast paints – with a very good result considering the effort. I have no intention of collecting a ’nid army which is my least favourite of all 40k factions. My plan is to use them for Space Hulk-like scenarios in Kill Team. Maybe some Tyranid warriors will join their ranks later.

The next three units are all Orks that I wanted for KT.

I really like the idea of a big bunch of Snotlings as a kill team. These 10 were painted up nearly in zero time so I might add some more in the future if they turn out to be fun in the game. Most was done with Contrast paints. The Runtherd is a mixture of contrast and traditional method.

Burna Boyz is what I wanted most for KT Arena. Their area effect fire template should do good use in the narrow passages. Only the skin was done with contrast paints, the rest is traditional method.

These Nobz were painted the same way as the Burnas. Painting Ork skin the contrast way gives very nice results. Until now I only had Nobz with sluggas and choppas. Now I also have options for kombi-weapons but what I really wanted was the boss with the big choppa… Good noone can hear me talking! 😉

A good and healthy 2021!!!

Kill Team Scenery

Kill Team Scenery

Hobby time during the last three days was spent completely on Kill Team scenery. Everything I own, besides of the items from the Kill Team Arena box, was still on sprue, left to build and paint in the boxes: buildings and ruins from the Sector Fronteris box, the Servo Haulers from the Ork starter box, Krogskull’s Boys, and (Surprise! Surprise!) a Wall of Martyrs from the Tau starter box, Advance Team Starpulse.

The Sector Fronteris worked out quite nicely and will also be useful in Star Wars: Legion games. I like especially the rusty main colour, originally Army Painter Fur Brown spray.

The Servo Haulers are not finished yet. They were given only a black primer with another basecoat of Team Yankee Chieftain Green. I guess I will take my time to paint these because I really started to like them while building. With some special rules they can bring a lot of fun in scenarios. But why did I use this colour?

Unfortunately I had two cans of the Chieftain Green and both are leaky as you can see from the pictures.

I already had this problem with other brands and it’s not a question of age. I have much older cans which are still tight. Whatever, I have to use them up as quickly as possible and so I used the spray on the haulers and the wall. In the end, I think, the colour is not bad at all as it brings a dirty look of decay with it

The Wall of Martyrs is not a piece that I fancy at all. Too many skeletons and awkward iconography that are so… well, 40K! But someone left that literally at my door step and ran away. I thought about selling or just dumping it but in the end I decided otherwise. Let see what I can make of it.