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Month: April 2023

Dirty old box

Dirty old box

It doesn’t know it yet. But it has to go!

But before that, what’s lurking inside?

Strangely coloured apparatus! Not so bad a paintjob for some teenagers in the early ’90s. Before mini painting became a science and youtubers revealing to us the newest and hottest techniques of how to paint your minis on a daily basis.

Let see what I can make of these. Maybe I will give it a try to strip off the paint. In any case, useful for destroyed Titans, scenery items and objectives. Also, I could practice some rearrangement of the torso on them. (Frankentitan?) The bases are really well done and in good condition. Maybe spare ones for bases in less good condition.
Until that time all that stuff goes into another box, old but not so dirty. That is the place where they once came from.

Vive le Printemps!

Vive le Printemps!

During the Easter holidays we spent some days at family in southern France. We had wonderful 20 degree celsius most of the time and there is a lot of gaming related stuff going on there. We lived near Béziers and visited the medieval town several times. A wonderful place for a fantasy setting!

Béziers was also the hometown of Jean Moulin, an important leader of the Résistance during the second World War. He is said to have united the several factions of resistance in France. Moulin died in custody of the Nazis before the end of the war but in Béziers he is still present.

Close by, Narbonne is another beautiful town which kept its medieval flair. On our visit there we stumbled across an exhibition with medieval costumes at the cathedral. They were made by a group of reenacters based on contemporary sources, old pictures and scripts. Great inspiration for our next visits to medieval markets!

On Easter Monday we were on our way back home but had to wait for our flight in Montpellier. So we walked around the city and came to the magical toy shop of the old-fashioned sort. Of course it was closed this day. Only window shopping this time but we had been there before.

That saved me some money and, for sure, the next trip to wonderful Occitanie is not far away.