Err…, well, what is this?

Err…, well, what is this?

That’s why I love flea markets! I was very surprised to find this game on a flea market in Rheine in summer 2021. A german cosim? Obviously quiet old. The name of the author is written on the box, what I consider a rather modern development. Who knows any boardgame designers from the times before Klaus Teuber? In addition, topic and partially the mechanic of the game is explained on the front cover. What makes this cover rather look like the backside of the box (Which is completely white!) as if the producers wanted to explain what the spectator is looking at. I had to have it!

For 2 Euros I couldn’t go wrong, I thought, without having any big expectation. And what a bummer! Now that I had the leisure to have a closer look (Nearly a year later!), I found out that it is incomplete. Some dice, markings and, most importantly, some of the ships are missing. It’s really not a nice affair to sell old games without any infomation that it could not be complete. Well, that’s how it is now but, in a way, it paid off.

So I found out that Seeschlacht, maybe Naval Battle or Battle at Sea in English, really has an entry on Board Game Geek. I never expected that for old forgotten games published very long before the internet era. But you can all find them there. All the games from my earliest childhood days! You remember Gran? What a bother! Ever heard of Captain Future? The boardgame, I mean? How much I wanted to have that one! But our toys store (Late Vorgerd.) was unable to order it. Unimaginable nowadays when everything is just a few clicks away. Anyway, according to BBG it’s quite boring and has nothing to do with the animated series, besides of the name. Thank you, BBG, for solving that trauma! 😉

Back to Seeschlacht, published in 1975, BBG describes it as an „abstract naval combat and merchant game“. Well, „abstract“ is not what is usually on my wishlist and at the moment I really do not know what to do with this one. I guess I can substitute the missing parts somehow and might game with it a few times. But that’s for a later date…

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